Teacher Websites

HS Classroom Websites

We use google classroom for each class. If you wish to be added to your child's class please email the teacher below.

Subject Area

6th Grade Jeff Durkee

6th Grade Marianne Stark

HS English Eric Becker

MS English Kim Duggan

HS History John Boucher

MS History Sam Ratti

HS History Peter Prindle

MS/HS Math, HS Science Nelson Chase

HS Math Carol Abbattisti

HS Math Michael Shaver

HS Science Jason Finn
Mr. Finn's Living Environment Website Mr. Finn's Regents Chemistry Website

MS/HS Science Heather Havens

HS Science Jody Suprenant

MS/HS Spanish Kimberly Rivers

Special Education Lisa Corlew

Special Education Sharon Flexon

Special Education Susan French

Technology Ryan Herman

Art Nicole Schilling 

Family Consumer Science/Health Kathleen Pfeiffer

Library Kerrie Burch

Music Jessica Stout

PE Trisha Teneyck

PE Chris Terry