Asbestos Posting

Asbestos Posting Information
Posted on 02/01/2019

Attention Fort Edward Community Members

As we begin our construction project you will see asbestos notifications posted on building entrances. These postings are required by law and were provided by our general contractor and asbestos contractor. All work during the project will be conducted by the contractor using methods and protocols that will protect the health and safety of our students, staff and school visitors. Appropriate sampling before, during and after all abatement work will take place as directed by law.

This posting does not mean that here is any asbestos contamination that required the school to take any action. You should not be alarmed by the postings that will be present around the building during the project. If you have specific questions about the asbestos abatement that is occurring during the project please feel free to contact the phone numbers on the postings.

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