Eighth Grade Tops Spelling Bee

Eighth Grade Tops Spelling Bee
Posted on 05/14/2018
On Friday, May 4th, students in grades 4-8 participated in an annual spelling bee. After a series of challenging rounds, the contest whittled down to the final two spellers: Catlin Emery and Lynelle Colvin. The final two contestants continued on for another few rounds before Caitlin was named the winner.  

Each grade competed with their own classmates to select a winner who then competed in the grade 4-8 Spelling Bee. The following students competed in this spelling bee and were the winners of their grade: 

4th Grade- Creighton Nall and Avery Foster
5th Grade- Felicity Columbetti and Ben Singleton
6th Grade- Preston Gulick and Garrett Hoffman
7th Grade- Lynelle Colvin
8th Grade- Catlin Emery, 2018 Spelling Bee Winner! 

2018 Spelling Bee Contestants